DevOps Salaries in UAE

By Aizhan Azhybaeva July 20, 2023


As businesses in the UAE embrace DevOps principles to enhance software development and IT operations, the demand for skilled DevOps professionals is on the rise. With the growing importance of DevOps in modern organizations, it’s crucial to understand the compensation trends in this field. In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide to DevOps salaries in the UAE, shedding light on the factors that influence remuneration and the skills that can boost earning potential.

Factors Influencing DevOps Salaries in UAE

Several factors contribute to the variation in DevOps salaries across the UAE. These factors include:

  1. Experience and Expertise: DevOps professionals with extensive experience and specialized expertise in various tools and technologies often command higher salaries.

  2. Location: Salaries may vary based on the city or emirate in the UAE. Major tech hubs like Dubai and Abu Dhabi may offer higher compensation compared to other regions.

  3. Industry: The industry in which the organization operates can impact DevOps salaries. Industries with high demand for technology, such as finance and healthcare, may offer competitive pay.

  4. Company Size: Larger organizations or multinational companies typically offer higher salaries compared to smaller startups or local businesses.

  5. Certifications: Holding relevant certifications, such as AWS Certified DevOps Engineer or Kubernetes Administrator, can boost earning potential.

  6. Education: Advanced degrees or specialized training in computer science or related fields can also influence salary levels.

Average DevOps Salaries in UAE

The average DevOps salary in the UAE can vary depending on the specific role and level of experience. Here is a rough estimation of average annual salaries:

  • Junior DevOps Engineer: A junior-level DevOps professional can earn between AED 120,000 to AED 180,000 per year.

  • Mid-Level DevOps Engineer: Mid-level DevOps engineers with a few years of experience can expect salaries ranging from AED 180,000 to AED 250,000 per year.

  • Senior DevOps Engineer: Senior DevOps engineers, with significant experience and leadership roles, may earn salaries between AED 250,000 to AED 350,000 per year or more.

  • DevOps Manager: DevOps managers overseeing teams and strategic initiatives can command salaries upwards of AED 350,000 per year, with potential for bonuses and other benefits.

Please note that these figures are approximate and can vary based on the factors mentioned earlier.

In-Demand DevOps Skills

To increase earning potential and stay competitive in the job market, aspiring DevOps professionals in the UAE should focus on acquiring the following in-demand skills:

  1. Cloud Computing: Proficiency in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud is highly sought after in modern DevOps roles.

  2. Containerization and Orchestration: Skills in Docker and Kubernetes are essential for managing scalable and efficient containerized applications.

  3. Automation Tools: Expertise in automation tools like Ansible, Puppet, or Chef helps streamline infrastructure management.

  4. CI/CD Pipelines: Knowledge of continuous integration and continuous deployment practices is fundamental for improving software delivery.

  5. Security: DevOps professionals with a strong grasp of security principles and best practices are in high demand.

  6. Monitoring and Analytics: Familiarity with monitoring tools like Prometheus and Grafana is valuable for ensuring application performance.


As the DevOps movement gains momentum in the UAE, professionals in this field are well-positioned to secure rewarding career opportunities. Understanding the factors that influence DevOps salaries and acquiring in-demand skills can lead to enhanced earning potential and career growth. Organizations in the UAE are keen on investing in skilled DevOps talent to optimize their software development and IT operations, making it an exciting time for DevOps professionals seeking new challenges and rewarding compensation packages.

Whether you’re an experienced DevOps engineer or just starting your DevOps journey, the UAE offers a vibrant and lucrative job market that rewards proficiency, innovation, and a commitment to continuous improvement in the world of DevOps.